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Creative VideoMapping Techniques Workshop: Basic & Advanced

Medialize.it presents an intensive course dedicated to learning the basic and advanced techniques of VideoProjection Mapping and related multidisciplinary applications.
A seminar of high artistic and professional training allowing to immediately experience and practice the acquired knowledge and provide the conceptual tools to design your own project.

Lecturer: Pasquale Direse

VideoMapping Basics

A design lab to know and to experience the fundamentals and all the creative phases of the videoprojection mapping techniques and practices applied and dedicated to lighting facades, irregular and specific surfaces, urabn environments, architectures of any kind and objects.

• Introduction to the main VideoMapping techniques and presentation of design examples
• The hardware and software technologies for videographic mapping (with the mention of audio / visual interaction setups)
• Measurements and relief techniques; the survey; the digital representation of architecture and objects
• Learning of video projection techniques on three-dimensional and complex, real surfaces
• Concept and design of the audio-visual production; drafting and digital elaboration
• Production and post-production of graphics, videography and sound: masks, outlines and creation of (audio/)visual content
• Measurements survey and three-dimensional representation of spaces and objects
• Brief overview of advanced techniques and emerging practices: from 3D videoprojection mapping to interaction design

• Multiple videoprojectors’ setup and video output management, edge blending and mapping images on moving surfaces
• Project setup and practical testing of all the work’s phases
• Site-specific design and technical set-up: the technical tools for mapping videoprojections
• Videographic production and post-production: computer graphics and vfx
• Summary of the skills acquired during the seminar
• Definition of specific test projects and practical experimentation of the technical setup
• Final open discussion and rehearsal tests.

Each meeting is based on practical sessions with the experimentation of the knowledge acquired through the implementation of micro-projects supported by thematic ideas and in the desired areas of application.
Several softwares and hardwares will be presented and explored during the course with particular attention to their recombination and to the best suitable workflow for the desired field of interest.

Language: English

Minimum/maximum number of participants: 4 / 30

Technical Partner:
The state of art software technology for videomapping Resolume will support the event offering licenses of the latest Resolume Arena 6 to each participant during the workshop.
Discover the Resolume Arena world:




31st MAY >>> 12:00 – 19:00
1st JUNE >>> 10:00 – 19:00
(12 hours divided into 2 meetings followed by open discussing and further 1 hour per day for Q&A on the tackled topics and techniques)

The Workshop will take place in the well known productive Center for arts

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (City Center)
Wallstraße 32 – Haus C
10179 Berlin

Application fields:
multimedia production, theatre, dance, cultural heritage, urban environment and architecture enhancement, new media marketing, digital spectacle and performances, virtual scenography, VJing, design, archaeology, creative communication and many others…

No specific requirements or knowledge are necessary to attend the workshop.
It is suggested to bring your own laptop computer (mac or pc), pen and block-notes, a meter stick or a measure tape.

The workshop is dedicated to newbies, professionals and passionates creating and experimenting with new media technologies as well as to artist and designers wanting to deepen the topic; to students of design and architecture, media art and digital entertainment; to authors and professionals in the theatre, dance and spectacle’s fields; to the video and multimedia producers and professionals; to VJs. The course intends to deepen, through knowledge and practice transfer of academic and professional high profile, the use and the combination of emerging technologies for the artistic, creative and communicative expression.

After the course a certificate of participation will be sent via email.

The lecturer
Pasquale Direse is adjunct professor of Design Methodology for Public Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna and of Digital Applications for Art at Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone. Already docent in various subject matters in the fields of art and design of new media, at national academies and universities in Italy and abroad, he is actually component of the scientific Committee for the candidature of Isola del Liri Municipality to the UNESCO Creative Cities Media Arts 2019.
Creator, founder and director of the Medialize.it project, Pasquale Direse is the artistic director and the author of numerous international public art exhibitions, video mapping and interactive urban design events.
Master of Fine Arts, Doctor of Arts and Sciences of Digital Spectacle he is an independent artist and researcher.

Pasquale Direse – info@medialize.it
Mobile: +39 3288228893

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VideoMapping Advanced

The VideoMapping advanced seminar is dedicated to the learning of techniques and the knowledge of the technologies necessary for the development, artistic research and design in the field of projection mapping. We deepen and experiment all the creative phases necessary for the development of complex, three-dimensional and interactive videomapping.

Topics covered during the course:
3D projection mapping: architecural survey, modeling and three-dimensional animation for VideoMapping
Rendering in 3D environments
Computer and 3D motion graphics
Production, post-production and digital mixing of the soundtrack
Overview of three-dimensional fluid dynamics simulation
Interactive VideoMapping: notes on the design of interactive audio / visual setups
Optics, lighting technology, architectural relief and planimetry
Video projection technologies and developments
Hardwares and softwares for setting up complex setups
Body projection mapping: overview of video projection on the moving body

The VideoMapping Advanced course’s calendar has to be announced.
Open availability for individual/small groups scheduled lessons

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VideoMapping Workshop Basics