Medialize.it is the non conventional lab and artistic research project created and directed by Pasquale Direse. He creates New Media Public Art, Site-specific/Interactive Design, Creative Communication to generate ideas and realize them into emotional and participative experiences.

The performative and artistic research project is conceived as a flux, a creative, polymedia and digital artisanship lab able to generate new forms of interaction between the people and the public spaces through the realization of artistic, cultural, performative and communication’s projects.

Medialize.it is dedicated to the independent research about the interaction among people, places, complex networks, emergent technologies and territories.

The center of this authentic, original and experimental production is the enanchement and the discover of the surprise of the public space and of the common heritage.
The objective is to generate and experiment new expressive languages and new ways of the communication able to render the design of the new media a place of openness and emotional participation where bodies and space interact with harmony.

Every project becomes a path of performative and site-specific research which combines crossmedia practices and the urban immaterial scenography, the architecture of interaction and the Public Art, the creative communication and the theatre of emerging media.

Medialize.it is specialized and active in the following professional fields:
• Scientific and artistic independent research
• 3D and interactive projection mapping art / videomapping specialist
• Computer graphics and 3D art, modelling and animation
• Cultural, artistic, communication projects and events management
• Art direction and curatorial consulting
• Theatre of Emerging Media design
• Interaction design for museums and exhibition spaces
• Interactive architectures design and development / UX design
• Multimedia design and digital storytelling
• Digital artisanship
• Digital video and photography production
• Web design and development / social media software design
• Sound design and production
• Education in media arts fields
• Audio/video technical services for videomapping and events’ design

A performative and independent research flux by Pasquale Direse.


Pasquale Direse >>> founder / art director / artist / media & interactive architecture/design

Aggeliki Tsekeni (Athens)>>> artist
Jeremy Pine (Antalya – Berlin) >>> anthropologist / artist
Francesca Pedullà (Berlin )>>> dancer / researcher
Olivia Giovannini (Genova)>>> dancer / researcher
Michael Dotolo (New York – Mumbai)>>> artist
Hany Elfouly (Berlin) >>> media & interactive design
Angelo Romano (Rome) >>> sound engineer

UNI-K (Germany)

The medialize.it website is made by Pasquale Direse
in collaboration with Aggeliki Tsekeni

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