City Open Museum

C.O.M. discovers and explores a new artistic and creative flux transforming the City into an art studio, a laboratory, a workshop of digital artisanship.
The open museum of the city imagines and promotes a “society of artists” that unveils the urban texture and the landscape through new experiences, sensible and performative. It conceives the public space as relational and emotional place able to hand down art, culture and memory.
City Open Museum is our urban and territorial research flux that explores and experiments the emerging affinities among art, science and technology directly in contact with the public space, with the citizens and the urban travellers becoming interactive protagonists of the public artwork. New medial dresses allow to imagine “an elastic and flexible city, able to exchange information with the external world”.
The project is dedicated to the experimentation and the development of new way of experiencing the Territory in the chaos of the infomation era: a short circuit that searches and discovers the open museum of the city.

Architectural Dressing

To dress the space by light and sound. To transform the architecture into live, active, vibrant matter. An animated texture allows to exchange informations and experience creativity with the others. medialize.it ushered in and treads a flux of performative research which realized several artistic projects for the urban space, touching public architectures and territories. A path of artistic reseach original and indipendent which proposes and practices new forms of cultural production, innovative and actual interpretations of the public space, new artistic experimentations.
Architectural Dressing is a flux designing a media, immaterial and concrete, dress to transform the urban space into a narrative place of participation and memory. A performative path and a concept of new media art by Pasquale Direse which practices the crossing of media between the most archaic technology of the network, the theatre, and the electronic and digital emergent technologies.
The artistic poiesis, the digital artisanship, the theatre and the new media are combined into a sign which tracks paths of light, soundscapes, synaesthetic and interactive environments, experiences.

Theatre of Emerging Media

The contemporary communicative forms show a chaotic remix between the public sphere and the private one. The keys we touch to obtain and transmit informations have transformed the communication in a sort of interior dialogue mediated by the computer1: we explore the public space and the relations, the world and the reality through through the increasingly sophisticated digital devices, more and more comfortable, more and more defined pixels. A commodity of virtual access which immerses us in a dimension where the dynamics of mutal recognition proper of the dialogue and of the discourse, of the “theatre of the reality”, fall down.
The challange of the new technologies, their potentiality, should gamble this dialogica plane, this creative game with the others, in the exterior dialogue in which all take part consciously and with competence in the production of information.
A territory of research which medialize.it explores through artistic intentions and productions that experiment new practices of reciprocal recognition and of the generation of information: the Theatre of the Emerging Media.

Urban Interactive Games

A research flux oriented towards the artistic and cultural wells enhancement through ludic projects of new media art. Experimentations to explore new forms of fruition and experience of the archaelogical, architectonic and landscape heritage where the people become active protagonist. An interactive game in which the old and the new common technologies are manipulated and recombined to generate new poetics of the space. A lab of development exploring the dynamics of the play, the crossmedia storytelling, the interaction design and the architectural and three dimensional videoprojection mapping.
medialize.it produces projects of public art to live the cultural heritage as sensible, interactive and playful experience.

Site Specific Design

We study and realize interior and urban design, we do research in the field of crossmedia scenography, of the new technologies for the sensible and interactive environments. Objects of light, immaterial scenography, immersive and sensible environments, multimedia spaces and architectures are the fields of our always active lab enriched by international and multidisciplinary collaborations. Architecture and design, art and emergent technology into a remix which operates in a creative and site-specific way.

latuscreativity research process

Creative Communication

In this specific field we develop peculiar fluxes of research generating collaborative innovation networks and places for the social interaction. We launched the Thematic Social Software, a concept and a format of creative communication which is oriented to develop and disseminate research, to improve the efficacy of the communication in the project development, to the internationalization, to the cooperation and shared project design. An experiment traced by medialize.it through the crossmedia platform Latus Creativity, the Crossmedia Remix of the Creative Innovation in Lazio Region. A path of research made in medialize.it which we practice through a simple and efficace methodology: #THINK #DESIGN #RESEARCH #OPEN #REMIX

network viola

Hacking Complexity

It is a continuous propulsion towards the multiplicity and virtuality offered by the open networks where any definition is blurred in a new possible “become”, a transformation of state, a in-formation. It’s our flux of research and production: HACKING COMPLEXITY