BLOW is a monumental interactive and participatory urban installation designed to reinvent one of the most famous sculptural testimonies in the world, the Trevi Fountain.
The immateriality of light and the living matter of sound are generated in real time by tourists, citizens and urban travelers who crowd the square. Thousands of spectators from all over the world alternate, across the Piazza di Trevi in a new, spectacular, augmented form. The light “bathes” the Fountain thanks to the breath of the spectators through the interactive installation of light and sound conceived and designed site-specific for the occasion by Pasquale Direse.

BLOW is a complex project that first of all confronts the problematic artistic interpretation of an urban space that already places itself as the beauty and magnificence of its creation. The idea of BLOW is to transform the inert matter, still dynamic in its sculptural firmness, into a dynamic and generative space, other than itself, a place to which nothing can be added in terms of beauty, but once again, through art returns to actuality as a wonder, a surprise, a spell, a playful interaction. BLOW does not add anything to the Trevi Fountain: it transforms it into aerial, pneumatic, properly respiratory architecture, which moves at the rhythm of the breath of the spectators who take part in it.
Passers-by, co-creators of the installation, blow into three iron pipes sprouting out of the Piazza’s cobblestones, the sanpietrini. Their breath transforms the architecture of the Trevi Fountain and Palazzo Poli into an aerial structure, inflatable, ethereal, made of light and emitting sound.
The simultaneous intervention of three spectators shows the entire architectural construction that echoes the molecular structure of water, a natural element that inspired the whole allegory of the monument and urban space. The pneumatic architecture disappears and the building turns into a monumental iceberg that slowly crumbles in the Fontana’s ocean.
A creation of architectural and three-dimensional videomapping produced by Medialize.it

Concept, design and direction by Pasquale Direse

In collaboration with Aggeliki Tsekeni,
Assistants: Claudia Spiridigliozzi, Damiano Spina, Angelo Romano

With the contribution of Roma Capitale and the sponsorship of the Lazio Region

September 24th 2016