Luminarĭa Festival of lights

Luminarĭa Festival delle luci

Since 2012 medialize.it presents Luminarĭa, the Festival of lights of the City of Frosinone and Ciociaria territory. An idea and design by Pasquale Direse which engages an innovative cultural offer and a performance of public art in the memetic heritage of the Territory.

A cultural event of new media art which combines interactive installations of light and sound, architectural videomapping and Immaterial Virtual Scenography,designed for the urban regeneration and requalification through public artworks by the great social participation.
A crossmedia spectacle to renew the scenographic impact of the Frosinone City and of the Communities of the Ciociaria area offering an innovative look in the interaction among light, territory, memory, soundsape and digital arts.

The Festival has contributed to render Frosinone and its territory an international hub of the new media culture and the public art
On the scene the new languages of the contemporary art to tell the territory.

The first edition involved three representative architectures of the City: the historical edifice Pietro Tiravanti, the bell Tower of the Cathedral and the Public Garden. An event produced by medialize.it with the sustain of the Community of Frosinone, the Culture and Productive Activities Department, with the advocacy of the Lazio Region, in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone, the Architecture Faculty of the University of Catania, the Open Lab Company and Latus Creativity. With Aggeliki Tsekeni

The second edition of the Festival, produced and sustained by medialize.it in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone, has seen protagonists the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in connection with the School of Architecture of Syracuse in a cross-cultural join-venture expressed through the facades of the Villa comunale, of the Old town and of the railway station.
The concent of this second urban kermesse presented future visions of the City on the theme of the leap towards the change: intencity. Paths of light, soundscapes, polymedia Percorsi di luce, paesaggi sonori, ambienti polimediali interattivi offrono allo spettatore un nuovo sguardo ed una nuova percezione del paesaggio urbano come luogo di scambio emozionale.

The third edition of Luminarĭa exhibits the interaction between body and architecture, the contact between citizens and public space:body’s architectures – architecture’s body. An appointment which involved the City og Fiuggi, symbolic place of the Ciociaria territory. Here medialize.it reinvented the facade of the Municipality though a spectacle of Architectural Dressing realized by Pasquale Direse in collaboration with Damiano Spina, Angelo Ruta, Aggeliki Tsekeni and Angelo Romano.

luminaria villa
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luminaria2014 COVER A3 TITOLATO
luminaria 3 ciociaria FLYER STAMPA