MIGRATIONS is a complex trilogy of public art presented by medialize.it for the Estate Romana 2015.
An event dedicated to the urban scene of the Theatre of Marcellus, admirable as rare witness of the theatrical culture, paradigm of the future expressions of the Theatre. A concept to dive into the emotioning adventure of the public art mediated by the emergent technologies to imagine new looks of the Capital City, of the public space, of the artistic and cultural heritage of Rome. The Teatro Marcello becomes a sensible area, a new Place. A project which intends to valorise the memory and the experience of the City, which invites to actively participate thanks to the flux and the experimentation of the contemporary art. A unique, transdisciplinar, multisensorial New Media Public Art event.

The archaeological area of the Theatre of Marcellus becomes a monumental Urban Immaterial Scenography where the crossmediation between light, soundscape and emergent technologies allowed to render the spectator active and sensible protagonists of the public artwork, of the singular re-enchantment of the theatrical place. The public was active and integrated in the archaeological context giving birth to an armonic concert between history and “post-history”.

MIGRATIONS explored, through osmotic forms, the theme of the migration: the look and the experience of the migrations in nature, of the human ones, of the migrations of the thought.
A complex work of public art expressed through the realization of three events of Theatre of Emerging Media, the peculiar artistic experimentation by medialize.it able to transform the City into a urban interactive scene, an open sky theatre, real and sensible.

invisibleMIGRATIONS is a big urban interactive installation, unique in its genre for the scenic impact of the Place and for the monumental dimensions.
The Theatre of Marcellus becomes pulsing, organic, vibrant architecture. New dynamic matter that comes to life thanks to the movement of the public, co-author of the work. The activity and interactivity of the urban travellers becomes flux of light and sound originally generated for the public space.

lifeMIGRATIONS is a crossmedia narration developing through the architectural lines of the Theatre of Marcellus. Images and sounds for a urban metanarration exploring the migratory fluxes through the poetry of light and the vibration of the sound landscape. The migrations are told through the historical and cultural heritage of the City.

thinkingMIGRATIONS is a experimental spectacle of Theatre of Emerging Media. A travel theough the migrations of the thought, of the knowledge, of the prose and poetry towards the research of a better life condition. The facade of the Theatre becomes place of the scene itself throughthe composition of multicultural, multiethnic, animated words.

Art direction, concept & design >>> Pasquale Direse
In collaboration with Aggeliki Tsekeni, Olivia Giovannini, Angelo Ruta, Damiano Spina
Production: medialize.it
With the sustain of Roma Capitale, Dipartimento Cultura
Estate Romana 2015

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