#SMART stays for Social Media Augmented Reality Mirror.

An augmented urban mirror which offers glocal social news from the city in real time.

The project was nominated for the Living Labs Global Award 2012 in Rio de Janeiro for the cities of Rome, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

#SMART is the cross-media multiplatform combining a mobile, opensource application, several interactive site-specific urban screens and a dynamic map aggregating local networks.

Social media activity, citizen journalism and news feeds become open-data available in real-time inside the #SMART augmented mirror. It captures the interactions and the moving bodies of the passengers. Real and virtual users of the public space mix and share by instant writing and social media fitness through a hybrid concept among art, design and info-systems.

The #SMART urban screens are reflecting fragments of the city texture: each audiovisual installation is thematically georeferenced and contextualized by site-specific, selected hashtags. People experi- ence their passage in front of the public installation through colored trails and sound interaction which attract their attention.

Their image is augmented with words composing the cloud of news and comments generated by other users. The movement in front of the mirror allows to decode post by post, the information streaming of the specific metropolitan area.
Through the free mobile app, people share their instant writing, SMS sized, showing a mobtag to an electronic eye. Furthermore, users download the RT news on a digital #SMART “newspaper” together with a screenshot of the augmented mirror.
The central hub installation, located into the heart of the hosting city (for instance the central station), feedbacks the activity gathered by the surrounding network’s nodes into a dynamic map.

The transmigration of local news and informations from paper to a participative hypermedia platform becomes free service and framework for public communication and urban ecology.

#SMART is the winner project of the D-Move Awards 2012 organized by the Lazio Region for the City of Rome in the context of the Living Labs Global Award 2012.

The glocal network #SMART translates city walls into dynamic digital graffiti.

Concept & Design >>> Pasquale Direse aka √isualpaco