R.O.M.E. @ Corviale

R.O.M.E. @ Corviale

The Rome Open Museum Exhibition adventure started at Corviale, a complex and particular periphery, rich of contradictions and social problems. In the common sense the Serpentone is experienced as an imponent concrete block which erases the view on the the wonderful roman countryside and on the City, important sign of a colossal aberration of the urban design, of the architecture and of the conception of the public space.

Here R.O.M.E. intervened with a big urban interactive installation, Painteractive4Architecture by Pasquale Direse, an artwork through which the public has painted the large lateral facade of the Serpentone (The Big Snake) with and without any other support then her own hands, through light and with the vibration of sound landscapes.

Rome Open Museum Exhibition transformed the last block of Corviale into a
creative lab for the art mediated by the new technologies and the active intervention of the public who colored and let “vibrate” through sound environments, a vertical wall of more then 2.000 mq. Signs of light and urban echos generated by the quarter’s inhabitants who could experience an inedited creative action.
A pilot project that showed non-conventional profiles and potentialities for a
creative happiness of a problematic public space as Corviale.

Painteractive4Architecture @ Corviale

A interactive urban installation of light and sound that allows the audience to paint and draw with their own fingers into an empty frame from which is visible the facade of the Serpentone.

Every gesture of the hands generates at the same time an armonic echo, a sound environment gestured by the fingers of the spectator who draws and paints on the architecture through videographic signs and light colors.

Painteractive4Architecture is a interactive urban installation by Pasquale Direse aka √isualpaco

R.O.M.E. Performative Conference

The public art generated by medialize.it brought surprise and attention among citizens and cultural associations of the City quarter. The Mitero Arte Contemporanea hosted the Performative Conference opening the Rome Open Museum Exhibition where a extemporary exhibition of new media art took place with the following works and participations:

Il danzatore non pensava di essere visto (The dancer thought to be not viewed), a site-specific videoinstallation by the art master Fabrizio Crisafulli.

Pillole di Memoria @ Corviale, videoclip on the memory of the Serpentone’s quarter by the director Carmine Fornari.

Eric’s Pool, videoinstallation by the actor and performer Lorenzo Balducci.

The debate-conference conducted by Pasquale Direse saw the participation of several local, national and international guests: the artists Aggeliki Tsekeni live from Athens and Michael Dotolo live from New York, collaborators of the project R.O.M.E.; the urbanist Mauro Martini engaged with the local citizens association Corviale Domani; Sofia Borges and Ines Bettencourt da Camara, Mapas Das Ideas, live from the Museum of the sea of Lisbon; the Professor Francesca Castagneto from University of Catania for the Hub Sicily-Malta; the Professor Vittorio Fiore of the School of Architecture of Syracuse, University of Catania; Marina Bellini and William Nessuno presenting a machinima in Second Life on the development of the cultural heritage of the Rome Capital City; Carmine Fornari (director, videoartist) and Raffaele Golino (scenographer) , docents at the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone; the architect Fabrizio Crisafulli, docent at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

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