R.O.M.E. @ Esquilino

R.O.M.E. @ Esquilino

The Ambra Jovinelli is one of the historical theatres of the Capital, a place of culture which lived the interpretations and the experimentations of great masters like Alberto Sordi, Federico Fellini, Anna Campori, Totò. Here medialize.it designed a special crossmedia spectacle, an experimentation of public art generated in real time and shared by artists distant thousands of kilometers from each other.

R.O.M.E.Rome Open Museum Exhibition offered a world premiére with a jazz concert where the musicians (in Piazza Pepe – Rome, live from the culture hub The Java Project based in Brooklyn – New York and from a recording studio in Amsterdam periphery) improvised melodies ed harmonies on the soundscape of the City.

Some microphones hided in the neiborhood captured the noise and sounds of the Esquilino that became this way the pentagram for the jazz improvisation in Rome and connected from abroad.
Every instrumental note illuminated the architectural elements that characterize the facade of the Ambra Jovinelli through a performance of 3D interactive videoprojection mapping, unique in its genre, which honored the history of the theater and the authors who have distinguished it.

Concert for Jazz Ensemble and City

A crossmedia spectacle unique and unprecedented that connected three world’s cultural melting pot into one public square.
The Centre of Rome, the District of Brooklyn in New York, the suburbs of Amsterdam meet in a urban artistic improvisation which blends together new media art, music, videoart, visual and sound interaction.

The public art to multiply the space, to generate new relations, to activate fluxes of co-creation, new generative environments.

A concept and design by Pasquale Direse

With Fabrizio Galasso – Sax Alto, Daniele Labbate (Amsterdam) – Synths, Michael Dotolo (New York) – Electronic Instruments, Luigi Zitano – Sax Tenor, Luca Pacetti – DoubleBass, David Moss (New York) – Double Bass, David Aaron (New York) – Sax Tenor
Mapping & A/V interaction > Damiano Spina, Angelo Ruta, √isualpaco Technique > medialize.it, Angelo Romano, The Java Project, De Fenestrated Direction> Pasquale Direse
David Moss e David Aaron live from The Java Project, New York City projected on a wall of the Termini Station in Via Giolitti, Roma

Painteractive4Architecture @ Ambra Jovinelli

After the concert the audience painted the facade of the Ambra Jovinelli with the interactive installation Painteractive4Architecture by Pasquale Direse, interactive urban installation of light and sound that allows the audience to paint and draw with their own fingers onto an empty frame from which is visible the facade of the Theatre. Every gesture of the hands generates at the same time an armonic echo, a sound environment gestured by the fingers of the spectator who draws and paints on the architecture through videographic signs and light colors.

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