A VDJing projection mapping performance created to reinvent, for the first time, the facade of the Church of Santa Teresa di Formia that legend narrates it was erected in the precise geometric center of the City.

The stellar flow of History emerges through particles of light that converge towards the door of the Church, virtual portal from which Cicero’s austere face emerges through streams of light that come to compose an absolutely digital and original mosaic that comes to life from the real contemporary mosaic elements at the Romans age. A tribute to the famous Latin orator in a non-linear form through an unprecedented and original videographic flux that explored the Ciceronian concept of hospitality becoming contemporary art.

Le Notti di Cicerone – Formia
5-6-7 September 2019

An architectural and three-dimensional videomapping creation produced by Medialize.it

Concept, design and direction by Pasquale Direse with Elmira Iravanizad