It’s a project exploring the action of painting as a crossmedia experience.

Three tools for drawing, painting and coloring while producing generative sounds and melodies.

The first version is a palette and a pencil electronically manipulated which allow to paint walls with videographies and light signs. The color choice activates a soundscape which changes dynamically with the movement of the hands and arms together with the sound produced by the strokes.

The second version of the tool rethinks a typical tool of the street & graffiti art. The spray can becomes electronic tool which allows to paint walls with immaterial signs, produce soundscapes and share online what just created.

The third version, Painteractive4Architecture, develops a natural interface which allows to paint with own fingers and hands gestures. A empty frame shows the architecture; when hands are crossing it begins a visual and sound experience to reinvent the public space by the co-creation.

Three gaming platforms producing the remix of artistic forms and transmediate their tools and technologies. The fingers, the pencil, the spray can produce immaterial signs and vibrant sounds unique for any spectator becoming co-creator of the audio-visual event generated by Painteractive.

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