R.O.M.E. @ Tor Pignattara

R.O.M.E. @ Tor Pignattara

medialize.it has presented a special crossmedia event in occasion of the Rome Open Museum Exhibition at the House of Culture in Villa De Sanctis.

A multidisciplinar experiment, in sintony with the cross-cultural meltin pot of the Tor Pignattara Quarter of Rome City, which combined together cinema, theatre, dance and new media art. A performative flux defined #LiquidCinema began its peculiar experimentation through the performance Underwater by Aggeliki Tsekeni & Pasquale Direse.

The show experiences the weightlessness in the underwater environment through the poetry of dance, videoprojection mapping and music research. A parallel and fantastic world where architecture resonates as alive and vibrant matter. Place known this way as other then by its common use.Luogo altro dall’uso quotidiano. Creative and performative of the public space.

Coreography and dance > Olivia Giovannini
Realtime soundrack > Michal Dotolo – Nick Lesley (live from New York)
Realtime camera/Photography > Angelo Ruta – Giovanni Fornari
Complex media design > medialize.it
Direction > Aggeliki Tsekeni – Pasquale Direse