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A collective, extracultural meditation, a co-creation of bodies in bodies

Closed Space Open Place is an invitation to think together, to discover the space tsurrounding us through the overall intelligence of the body: a moving, sensitive meditation that generates the space in which we daily operate with awareness, with the responsibility of sharing.
An experiment of contemporary, public, collaborative, nomadic, generative, open art.

Closed Space Open Place is a multidisciplinary work that gathers the active participation of authors from different cultures and geographical areas of the world. A generative, site-specific and migrant project, in continuous evolution and transformation, a public work of art mediated by emerging technologies which lives through urban spaces in architectural light projections, sound echoes, sensitive installations.

This unpublished and original work saw its first realization and experimentation on the occasion of Luminarĭa, festival of interactive lights, at one of the residential buildings in Piazzetta Caetani di Castelmola, in Formia. A particularly significant architecture: a bare urban wall, inhabited inside, facing the sea, without doors or windows…

This “closed” facade thus becomes an open place, the dimension of a collective meditation, a moving reflection on the idea of space, outside the canons of cultures and with the intention of finding new instinctive and distinctive languages of the interhuman relationship: peaceful, harmonious, co-creative, responsible, really connective, tactile.
Closed Space Open Place evokes the genuine mutual recognition of theatricality, the ancestral communicativeness of dance, the rhythm of the body and the sound of the breath that moves it; the possibility – at least in this juncture – of a dialogue free from the conditioning of concepts and knowledge acquired and accumulated, of dogmas of the languages and the architectures of thought, science, religion, History.
An interactive, bodily, sentient and sensitive participation, present: this collective thought reinvents and remixes forms of expression outside the logic of the alphabets, of “Culture”, of the principles of existence generated by any branch of given knowledge.

We explore the body as a “place” of our intelligence interconnected with others through the ability to communicate and co-live, to co-create. The “closed space” closest to us, the most basic one is that delimited by the epidermis, a closed environment that without sharing, collaboration, osmosis and exchange, would have no natural possibility of being.
The movement of the body, the gestures, its innate expressive potential, become non-verbal language, liberation from all ideologies, from the conditioning of all the images generated by the mind, liberation from all the abstract authorities, from alphabets, from pre-established codes; in this sense a collective and extra-cutlural reflection on our presence and ability to act in the world, on our continuous creation of vital space for survival and existence.

Original pièces, authentic and genuine performances, which reveal all the intimacy and humanity of feeling and thinking together, of being part of a creative unicum in continuous evolution despite the geographical, ethnic and cultural distance given so far. A cognitive flow that detaches itself from the mentality and that feeds on the open sensitivity of art – its deep and ancestral root which consists in doing, creating together.

A remix of bodies in bodies, of emotions and breaths, of neural and affective networks, emerges through the urban fabric in a “proprioceptive” meditation, which makes the body “place” of a sensitive dialogue, of mutual recognition out of ideological conflicts , from those generated by the abstract images that the mind continually generates, outside the violence potential of pre-coded languages, outside theories and within the vital teleonomy of understanding, moving together, thinking together as protagonists of a single project: being human.

Closed Space Open Place is a project created on the occasion of the artistic exhibition “Luminarĭa, Festival of Interactive Lights of the City of Formia” produced by Medialize.it, created and sponsored by the Municipality of Formia and the Department of Tourism and Economic Development, with the special collaboration of the Public Art Lab in Berlin

28-31 December 2019
Piazzetta Caetani di Castelmola> Darsena di Formia
Public Art Lab> Brunnenstraße 72, Berlin

A project by Pasquale Direse

With the collaboration of Elmira Iravanizad (Iran), Aggeliki Tsekeni (Greece), Francesca Pedullà (Italy), Yana Harizanova (Italy / Bulgaria), John Herman (Germany), Heysell Leal (Venezuela), Cristina Mendanha (Portugual), Arouna Soundjata Guindo (Benin), Margherita De Benedittis (Italy / Germany), Lisa Rosamilia (Italy), Anneliese Charek (USA), Pandzou Jean Francis (Congo), Anuya Rane (India / France / Germany), Silke Mehler (Germany), Janine van Veen (The Netherlands), Tiia Veneranta (Finland), Lacina Coulibaly (Burkina Faso), Tania Gonzaléz (Spain), Stella Mavroeidi & Quo Vadis Company (Greece), Matroos Compagnia (Italy) Alessandra Battaglia (Italy), Melissa Bernabucci ( Italy), Miriam Frosoni (Italy), Alessia Renzi (Italy), Sharon Soetebier (Italy), Baejjahn Dance Company (Belgium), Amal Julie (Belgium), Jean-Baptiste Baele (Belgium), Duygu Atceken (Turkey), Victor Stoljarow (Russia), ArteTotal – Educação Artística (Portugual), David Ramalho (Portugual), Felipe Lopes (Portugual), Stefano Turriziani (Italy), Vanessa Bonafede (Italy)

A production by Medialize.it
A realization by Municipality of Formia City
Assessorato al Turismo e alle Attività Produttive.
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Fest of the Interactive Lights of Formia


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